Bérénice Mougenot, Dip Trans IOL

English -> French

Contact details:
Bérénice Mougenot
6 rue de la Hardt
68870 Bartenheim la Chaussée
translations [at] mougenot [dot] org
(after 14 years in England)
Relevant qualifications:
April 2005: Institute of Linguists' Diploma in Translation (with technology and science as my semi-specialised papers) - postgraduate level equivalent qualification.
July 1995: French BTS in audio-visual engineering
July 1993: French baccalauréat D (sciences with emphasis on biology)
Relevant experience in translation (user interface, help files, printed and online marketing material):
2010: various translations for a translation agency
2008: various Enigma Boats Press Releases
Mar. 2007: Opposite Lock: mobile phone racing game
Aug. 2006: Football Manager Quiz: mobile phone quiz game (this one also included the translation of 2000 questions on football)
Feb. 2006: Jet Set Racing: mobile phone racing game
Nov. 2005: Jet Set Willy: mobile phone 'arcade' game
Daytime job:
Web Developer; I have been in IT for 15 years.
French: mother tongue
English: fluent
German: good (B2/C1)
web development (in particular web accessibility standards)
IT & technology, sciences
computer games

My job makes me perfect for IT/software translations, particularly web site translations, and my background helps with translations in the fields of technology, medicine and science.